New Roof Cost

Laid Rite Roofing LLC_ new roof costWhat does a new roof cost? Please allow Laid Rite Roofing LLC to provide an honest and detailed cost analysis for a new roof. There are many factors involved when someone asks us what a new roof cost. We encourage them to get a few estimates, especially from a qualified and licensed Roofing Contractor. We also feel that it is an advantage to have a local roof contractor in the Chino Valley and Prescott, Arizona area to perform this work.

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Laid Rite Roofing LLC is confident that we will provide the best value when installing a new roof or Roof Replacement. Our roof inspections are thorough even for a roof on a new home. Before we begin installing any underlayment, felt or tar paper, the sheathing of the roof is inspected. Our roof installers will make sure all plywood, rafter tails and fascia boards are fastened properly. We will ensure that your new roof is properly ventilated as well.

The shingle warranty is also a factor in a new roof cost. Roof shingles that have a 25 year warranty are less expensive than a 30 year warranted roof shingled roof. We also ask our customers how  inclusive their bid is from a competitor. Does the new roof cost include ridge vents or other ventilation? There are many accessories to a new roof installation as well.

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Laid Rite Roofing LLC has a comprehensive checklist for the many components for a new roof cost quote. Among them are items like Ice and Snow Shield, or Ice and Water Barrier. ” Crickets ” may be an important component as well as pipe flanges, hood vents and the type and size of drip edge and flashing.

Although Laid Rite Roofing LLC cannot guarantee the least expensive new roof cost, we do provide the best value. We are highly skilled and passionate about our work. Our costs of a new roof include the best materials on the market and allows us the time to install all roof components properly. We want you to enjoy your new roof for many years!

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